Bike routes IN Trakai

Bike routes IN Trakai

There are different routes in and around Trakai.
For those who want to avoid the bigger traffic while leaving Vilnius city we recommend to go by train from Vilnius to LENTVARIS (all trains to Kaunas pass Lentvaris) and go either directly to Trakai via Varnikai or go around the lakes via Užutrakis

Route around Trakai 1 ‘blue signs’ / Maršrutas „Aplink Skaistį“

Booklet describing two parts of it:

Varnikiai recognition path (East of Trakai)


To Užutrakis manor house


Route around Trakai 2 ‘red signs’ / Maršrutas „Aplink Akmeną“

Shorter, more adventures (partly very bad road :), but without specific sights (only nature)

Route 3 „Old Trakai“ / Senieji Trakai

less scenic route, and more car traffic on the road, this route is more of interest for Lithuanians due to history reasons. Old Trakai (Senieji Trakai) is the birth place of Grand duke Vytautas. If the former castle is only a pile of stones left…


All routes in Trakai:

(for the routes between Vilnius and Trakai see the other article)