Cycling routes in Vilnius city

Cycling routes in Vilnius city

Overview map – Überblickskarte – Apžvalginis žemėlapis

A choice of Routes for Independent Cycling in and around Vilnius


Interactive map of Vinius bicycle routes: http://www.gpsies.com/mapFolderOnly.do?id=1908   Number are of cause only for orientation

Type Duration Tour / Route name How does it fit for indepentcycling? And bike rental costs?
Short trips 2 hrs. Vilnius cityring Very well 6 €
Belmontas / Pavilnio regioninio parko žiedas Very well 6 €
Standart trips 3-4 hrs. Kairėnai ir Tapėlių / Šilo ežerų Very well 7 €
Paneriai MemorialemorialPaneriai Memorial For the more experienced / MTB 7 €
Soviet Vilnius For the more experienced 7 €
Whole day trips 6 hrs. [1] To the Green Lakes and Europe Park[1] To the Green Lakes and Europe Park Very well 10 €
Trakai For the more experienced 10 €



interaktyvus maršrutų žemėlapis / Interactive route map / Karte mit schönen Fahrradrouten in, um und aus Vilnius: 



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