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Trakai, Trakai, Trakai

Trakai is surely one of the highlights in Lithuania: A Medieval castle on an island within lakes, an Old village with wooden houses an very special traditions and food.

A very special place very close to Vilnlus! Trakai with the Medieval water castle is a former capital of Lithuania.
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1) Trakai Bike Tour

Full Trakai bicycle tour. Please order in advance, tel. +370 600 455 72.

2) Transport service

we drive you to and pick you on your way back. Whole service (bike rental, transport, information package, bottle of drinking water) – 75 Lt per Person

3) Individual cycling

to cycle from Vilnius to Trakai is possible, but not too comfortable. Part of the trip you’ll have to go along a main motorway. We can provide information and necessary maps.


Trakai is famous for many things: it’s water castle, the lakes, the manor house of Užutrakis.

The small old town itself lies among the lakes as it would be on an island. ut – to be honest – nobody thinks about bicycling. However, we do: cycling around the lakes gives you impressive views on the water castle. And – as usual – if you get a bit away from the crowds you’ll find yourself in the lonely, lonely nature. Our tour start in the Old town with the typical picture of the water castle. Then we cycle along the lake and already soon it get’s silent. First, we come to the ruins of the outer castle (popular place for medieval festivals), then we’ll walk over the water. This is no blasphemy, we take swimming pontoon bridge to cross the lakes. On the other side we take a look on how the newly rich image their life and have a sad look on what is left of the Soviet Yacht Club. For You something unknown, but known to every Lithuanian is a piliakalnis – a castle mound from medieval times – like this of Varnikiai. Our route now leads us into the dark forest – where we might have a look on the path on the swamp. After this fairy tale forest we come into a typical Lithuanian landscape of hilly fields and lonely farmsteads. You probably don’t recall, but now it is already time to turn back. Sportive cyclistschoose the way ahead towards Lentvaris manor house – or make a round trip around the whole lakes. This makes up to 50 km. If you don’t consider that much, you do not know the road conditions on the Eastern side of the lake. Gravel that make you swallow…

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We recommend the follow map for the route to Trakai and around Trakai you can purchase this map in the office for 15Lt or via online for €6 + postage (category: Maps for Vilnius region / East Lithuania)

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