The “All sides of Vilnius” City Bike Tour – DAILY!

“Gothic, Baroque, wooden houses and skyscrapers … all by bicycle!” New facebook page for Vilnius Bike Tours:

Daily Vilnius Bike Tours start 11.00 a.m.

(from April to September).

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A bicycle city-tour is probably one of the best ways possible to get to know a new city. By bicycle, you can travel a lot farther than by foot, but experience everything up close, in a way that you wouldn’t by bus. Our “All Sides of Vilnius” tour is not your typical city tour. Rather than being a one-sided story-telling by knowledgeable but tired tour-guide, our tour is interactive – the guide, while still knowledgeable, places all the emphasis on encouraging questions, comments, and every manner of participation from the guests, making the tour more of an adventure of discovery, uniquely tailored to suit your needs. Because of this, every time the tour is run, it ends up being a little bit different, and we never do the same tour twice 🙂 The tour “All Sides of Vilnius” shows you the many faces of Vilnius, taking you through the historical Old Town, a modern business sector, a rural neighbourhood of little wooden houses, and a Soviet-era neighbourhood. This medley of different time-periods and architectural styles creates a picture of a city, which is unusual, unexpected, and unforgettable. This city tour shows not only the beautiful old town that is enjoyed by so many tourists, but also the everyday Vilnius, with a unique local perspective. See Vilnius as it really is – with its joys and worries, grandeur and mundane routine, modernity and parochialism. For the visitor to Vilnius, this is the perfect opportunity taste the city’s vivacity, feel the rhythm of Vilnius life and feel like a local, while at the same time, learning about the city’s history, legends, language, and culture.

Tours will be run regularly during the summer season (from April 2,  to September 1st) and at other times by appointment only.


  • WHEN: Daily, Monday – Saturday, 11 a.m.  (reservation +370 674 12123)
  • WHERE:  Pylimo g. 31, Vilnius (“Velo-City Vilnius”).
  • HOW LONG: apx. 4-6 hours (flexible – can be shortened or lenghtened to suit client’s needs).


  •  17€  per person / half tour, 22€ full tour
  • The tour takes place if a minimum of two people participate.
  • incl. bicycle, guide & drinking water
  • Tours are run in English, other languages by request and with advance registration (German, Lithuanian, Russian, French, etc.). Prices and conditions may vary for other languages.


  • with your own bicycle -5€
  • more than 4 persons: -10%
  • more than 8 persons: -20%


Sites on the tour

  • Vilnius Old town
  • Vilnius Old townhall
  • Vilnius city wall
  • Republic of Užupis
  • St. Anne’s and St. Bernardines Churches
  • Cathedral square
  • A Soviet era residential neighbourhood
  • “A village in the city”
  • A bird’s eye view
  • And much, much more
For small groups tours can also be personalised to include objects of special interest

PIC_0023.JPGcm katedra PIC_0001.JPGVilnius Katedra ir dviratininkai.jpgPIC_0041.JPGPilies_045.jpgIMAGE_052.jpg


!!! Attention: do not try to do this tour on your own! Some places are difficult for orientation and traffic intensity.

Extra possibilities (not included)

· Dinner at a traditional Lithuanian restaurant “Marceliukes kletis” (bigger groups have book the tables in advance) · Bicycle transport to another start or end place (e.g. if you prefer to end the tour at the KGB museum)

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