Bike repair in Vilnius

Bicycle repair in Vilnius

Velo-City Vilnius is not a bike repair shop!

Our main services are bike rental and tours by bicycles.

The Velo-City Vilnius staff is ready to assist you in minor repair / maintenance issues (pumping tires, fixing punctures etc.)

We also used to do a self-repair workshop, but at the moment have little space for it. However we try as much as possible to assist you in repairing your own bicycle.

Closest near-by bicycle repair shops

  • “Dviračių namai” (Home of bicycles) Algirdo g. 10 (close to  “Mindaugo Maxima” supermarket (open from April to September.)
    +370 692 39368
  • “Ponas dviratis” (“Mr. bicycle”), A. Goštauto g. 4 (close to  “Sklavija cinema” and the  Opera)
    +370 615 31453
  • “Veloklinika”, Domaševičiaus g, 7 (behind the academy of  Musik, close to netoli Lukiškės square)
    +370 606 87754
mobile bike service
Do we have a bicycle repair service? No – and yes! Again, there is a bike mechanic checking our bicycles and he also can repair yours.
This year (2019) it’s Julijus from the mobile bike service velomelo.lt
By now he promises to be at Velo-City.lt on  Sundays between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. But you can agree on any time and place – it’s a mobile bike service.
Call +370 622 43 777
For more look on www.velomelo.lt< [/expand]
Saulius The Mechanic

bicycle repair service costs (by “Saulius The Mechanic”)

From 2010 to 2018,  Saulius, a qualified bicycle mechanic maintained our rental bicycles. He’s holder on a business licence in his own and is not an employee of our company.

(there are additional charges for any necessary bicycle parts)

FREE OF CHARGE – but donations are welcome 🙂

Assessment of bicycle’s technical condition and consultation about repairs,   Lending you our pump (a service often needed) or helping you pump your tyres     Seat height regulation 0


Full bicycle preventative maintenance (tune-up), assembly and adjustment of new bicycles, which includes: Wheel straightening, wheel bearing adjustment, front and rear derailleur adjustment, greasing the chain, front and rear brake adjustment, pumping the tyres, tightening of loose screws, steering column, bottom bracket bearing adjustment



Greasing/replacement of front wheel hub, axle and bearing 6
Front wheel cone adjustment 2.5
Wheel building/ respoking 14
Front wheel inner tube/ tyre replacement 4
Wheel straightening 3-12
Greasing/replacement of rear wheel hub, axle and bearing 7.5
Rear wheel cone adjustment 3
Rear wheel sprocket/ cassette replacement 3
Rear wheel tyre or inner tube replecement 5


Inner hub gear adjustment 2.5
Front/rear derailleur adjustment 3
Front/rear derailleur recovery 4
Brake cable replacement 4.5
Shifter/ derailleur replacement 3-5.5
Chain replacement 2.5


Front/ rear brake adjustment, brake pad, hand lever, cantilever, cable replacement 3
Hand lever replacement 3
Front/rear disc or hydraulic brake adjustment, brake pad replacement 6


Cassette bottom bracket replacement 9
Traditional bottom bracket and/or bearing replacement 9.5
Crank arm replacement 4
Chainring replacement 5.5
Cone adjustment 2.5


Steering column bearing replacement, greasing 9
Fork replacement 10
Handlebar stem replacement 3-5.5


other services and estimate costs

Frame replacement 40
Saddle, handlebar grip and tape replacement 3
Mudguard mounting 3-5.5
Luggage carrier mounting 3-5.5
Speedometre, headlight or taillight replacemnt/repair 3-5.5
Chain greasing 1.5 (or donation)
House calls (within the city of Vilnius) 12
General hourly estimate 8 EUR/h



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