Bike repair shop

Bike repair shop

Bicycle Repairman/Bicycle Mechanic


Velo-City Vilnius is not a bike repair shop!

Our main services are bike rental and tours by bicycles.

The Velo-City Vilnius staff is ready to assist you in minor repair / maintenance issues (pumping tires, fixing punctures etc.)

However since  2010,  Saulius, a qualified bicycle mechanic is maintaining our rental bicycles. He’s holder on a business licence in his own and is not an employee of our company.


bicycle repair service costs (by “Saulius The Mechanic”)

(there are additional charges for any necessary bicycle parts)

FREE OF CHARGE – but donations are welcome 🙂

Assessment of bicycle’s technical condition and consultation about repairs,   Lending you our pump (a service often needed) or helping you pump your tyres     Seat height regulation0


Full bicycle preventative maintenance (tune-up), assembly and adjustment of new bicycles, which includes: Wheel straightening, wheel bearing adjustment, front and rear derailleur adjustment, greasing the chain, front and rear brake adjustment, pumping the tyres, tightening of loose screws, steering column, bottom bracket bearing adjustment



Greasing/replacement of front wheel hub, axle and bearing6
Front wheel cone adjustment2.5
Wheel building/ respoking14
Front wheel inner tube/ tyre replacement4
Wheel straightening3-12
Greasing/replacement of rear wheel hub, axle and bearing7.5
Rear wheel cone adjustment3
Rear wheel sprocket/ cassette replacement3
Rear wheel tyre or inner tube replecement5


Inner hub gear adjustment2.5
Front/rear derailleur adjustment3
Front/rear derailleur recovery4
Brake cable replacement4.5
Shifter/ derailleur replacement3-5.5
Chain replacement2.5


Front/ rear brake adjustment, brake pad, hand lever, cantilever, cable replacement3
Hand lever replacement3
Front/rear disc or hydraulic brake adjustment, brake pad replacement6


Cassette bottom bracket replacement9
Traditional bottom bracket and/or bearing replacement9.5
Crank arm replacement4
Chainring replacement5.5
Cone adjustment2.5


Steering column bearing replacement, greasing9
Fork replacement10
Handlebar stem replacement3-5.5


other services and estimate costs

Frame replacement40
Saddle, handlebar grip and tape replacement3
Mudguard mounting3-5.5
Luggage carrier mounting3-5.5
Speedometre, headlight or taillight replacemnt/repair3-5.5
Chain greasing1.5 (or donation)
House calls (within the city of Vilnius)12
General hourly estimate8 EUR/h

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