Įsigykite bilietus Vilniaus turizmo informacijos centruose –>

Starting next week Vilnius Tourism Information centres sell tickets to the city tour by bicycle “All sides of Vilnius”.
Tour price: 50 Lt / €15 (incl. bicycle, guiding and drinking water, helmets available)
Duration: 3-4 hours
The first hour is 100% free of charge (incl. bicycle, just without drinking water) !!!
Start @ velo-city office Bernardinų 10-6, opposite to St. Ann’s church
weekdays, 11.00 o’clock
(weekends on request)

You may fond Vilnius Tourism Information Centres at:
Didžioji g. 31 (in the Old Townhall / “Rotūšė)
Vilniaus g. 22
Šventaragio 2 (Pavilion at the Cathedral square)
Geležinkelio 16 (in the Train station)

for more see “TOURS”: http://velo-city.lt/?page_id=7&lang=EN