[9] Big city round trip


2 The Small city circuit brings you to the quarter of Žvėrynas with nice wooden architecture and cafes and the big city park (“Vingis” ) with the big open air stage. GPS TRACK: http://www.gpsies.com/map.do?fileId=gyfewpgouueihrvk

#9 The Big city circuit brings you additionally to the TV tower and the residential areas of Karoliniškės and Lazdynai. GPS TRACK: http://www.gpsies.com/map.do?fileId=jzjtchxhkstelhus

blue lines – existing bike pathes

red lines – recommended bike route

PDF: http://velovilnius.lt/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/2-ir-9-city-circuits-watermark.pdf

SIGHTS (#2):

2.1 Cathedral Basilica www.katedra.lt

2.2Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania www.valdovurumai.lt

2.3 Money Museumwww.pinigumuziejus.lt

2.4 Monument to Vincas Kudirka

2.5 Government of the Republic of Lithuania

2.6 Monument to Žemaitė

2.7 Lukiškės Square

2.8 Museum of Genocide Victims www.genocid.lt/muziejus

2.9 National Library of Martynas Mažvydas

2.10 Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania

2.11 Znamenskoye Orthodox Church

2.12 Amphitheater of Vingis Park

2.13 World War I German Soldiers Cemetery

2.14 Orthodox Church of St. Michael and St. Constantine

2.15 Monument to S. Moniuszko

2.16 Church of St. Catherine www.kultura.lt

2.17 Vilnius City Hall www.vilniausrotuse.lt

2.18 Contemporary Art Centre www.cac.lt

2.19 Church of All Saints

2.20 Monument to Lazdynų Pelėda

2.21 Gates of Dawn www.ausrosvartai.lt

2.22 Church of St. Theresa www.ausrosvartai.lt

2.23 Orthodox Church of the Holy Spirit www.kazimiero.lt

2.24 Church of St. Casimir www.ausrosvartai.lt

2.25 Russian Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas

2.26 Vilnius Picture Gallery www.ldm.lt

2.27 Church of St. Paraskeviya

Additional sights:

  • Lukiškės prison
  • Baricades 1991 Monument (at the Parliament)
  • Wooden Architecture in Žverynas
  • Botanical Gardens of Vilnius University in Vingis Park
  • The Wedding Palace”
  • Former Cultural Palace of the Unions / Viewpoint “Bull Hill”
  • Frank Zappa monument
  • TV Tower
  • Lazdynai Soviet Settlement (awarded with the :Lenin price)
  • Fairy tale park
  • Litexpo national fairground

Nice cafes and bars in Žvėrynas

Flamingo” (Shashlyk, Soviet style), “Smukle” (Country style), Veranda & South park (Family), “Panama” (ecological) …


Big city circuit




Also possible as guided tour (on demand)

Back in the USSR – by bicycle to the TV tower!

The unique opportunity to see by yourself how many traces the Empire of Evil (©Ronald Reagan, President of the USA) left in Vilnius.

The tour takes us out of the centre visiting buildings with a glorious Communist past uphill to the 326.5 metre (1071 feet) high Television Tower, built 1974-1980. It is a special occasion to visit the Lazdynai district, awarded the Lenin Prize for All Union Architectural Design in 1974 for being the most beautiful modular house district in the whole USSR…

P1250015.JPGmerkines muz PIC_0059.JPGmerkines muz PIC_0063.JPGmerkines muz PIC_0064.JPGlazd PIC_0051.JPGP1250017bokst.jpgm03_0014.jpgLazdynai Nov2003_0011.jpgtvbokstas_image656-1.jpg

This tour only on request – but daily possible!Back in the USSR – by bicycle to the TV tower!similar to “All sides of Vilnius” velo city tour, but 1 hour longer and more difficult.

Sites on the route

  • Gediminas prospekt
  • the parliament & monument for the barricades of 1991
  • Orthodox church
  • Wooden architecture in Žvėrynas
  • The tv tower
  • Lazdynai – Soviet model residential area
  • “The fairy tale park” (Optional)
  • Litexpo Fair ground
  • Vingis park with the Open air stage
  • Frank Zappa monument


  • There are some cozy restaurants in Žvėrynas district
  • in Karoliniškės district (right up the hill) there is a big Maxima shopping centre and the Hotel Karoliniškės with a restaurant
  • on the TV tower there is a restaurant which is expensive and low quality
  • in Lazdynai centre there is a supermarket and some food bothes (Kebabai)… decide by yourself whether you want to risk it…
  • Vingis park:

Tour map

The tour route is on the “Bicycle route map of Vilnius”.

It is not the easiest tour, but you are welcome to do it own your own!

Just with an organised tour, you’ll find some more secrets…

We can provide you with:

  • the bicycle map of Vilnius
  • the tour on a GPS reciever

Fee for the organised tour (Guide, bicycle, water) – 25 EUR per Person

Only on request!


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