Today is “Culture night” – rent a bike for 8€ for the whole night!

Today, June, 18th, there is the “Culture night” ( The whole night the city will be covered with more than 40 events. This event is happening since 2009 and one week before Midsummer.

And that’s a perfect occasion to remind you about our night fare:

for only 8€, that means the fee for 4 hours you can ride friom 6 p.m. (18.00)  to 11 a.m. in the morning. Of course also on every other day. So: Deal?

All information about bike rental here: 

some more bikes for sale!

Finally it’s summer and you don’t have a bike, yet?

here are some used bikes from the bicycle rental  for a very good price 🙂

  1. ) Bauer IDUKAH MTB 26″, 24 gears (Shimano Acera), Small frame, 120EUR
  2. ) Titanbikes Cargo, 26″ front, 28″ rear, Shimano Nexus 7, lights, 190EUR
  3. ) Merida Crossway 20D, Hydraulic Disc Brakes, Small Frame, 240€

Let me remind you, that also our long-term rental offer applies: if you  bring these bicycles back within 12 months we pay you back up to 50% (according to the condition).

And we have good and safe U-locks for only 10€

We’re closed on Tuesday, June, 12th

UPDATE: Now we know – we’ll cycle to TRAKAI tomorrow. We’ll meet between 10 and 11 am at the office. That’s your chance to rent a bike and/or join us.

On Tueday, 12ŧh we’ll on our yearly staff & friends excursion.

Therefor we’ll be closed that day and there will be no bike tour :(.

If you want to rent a bicycle take it the 11th and bring it back the 13th, and pay only like for one day – 10€