The Bike Tour Season starts 1st of May: Daily City tours an MTB Tours!

Since April already our bike rental is working.

And from the 1st of May we’ll also start our daily bike tour season.

New in 2018: Besides of City tours you may also order MTB tours on a daily basis!

City tours by bicycle

The Bike Tour Season starts 1st of May: Daily City tours an MTB Tours!

Start daily at 11 a.m. at the Velo-City Vilnius office, Pylimo g. 31. (not on Sundays)
You may either join the small “Welcome to Vilnius” trip (about 3 hrs., 20€ per person) or the big “All sides of Vilnius” tour (4–6 hrs, 25€ per person)

More about city tours by bicycle you may read here


The Bike Tour Season starts 1st of May: Daily City tours an MTB Tours!

Discover the beautiful green and hilly surroundings of Vilnius on a Mountain bike!

In 2018 Mountain bike tours can happen daily
(booking in advance required!!!).

More about MTB Tours” here

Bike rental

The Bike Tour Season starts 1st of May: Daily City tours an MTB Tours!

You want to ride on your own?

We can recommend you routes and give you free cycling maps

Our bicycle rental located at Pylimo g. 31 works every day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

More about bicycle rental ypu may read here

Invitation: Next VILNIUS BIKE TOURS on April 27th and 28th, 11 a.m.

We invite you to join our next city tours by bicycle this weekend.

On Friday and Saturday, the 27th an 28th of April we’ll start at 11 a.m. from our office at Pylimo St. 31 (not far from the Synagogue)

This time it’s a guaranteed LONG tour (4-6 hrs., ), but you may also only join for a short tour (3 hrs., .

You can just come to office.
Or sign up for the tours here, by e-mail [email protected], Tel./SMS +37067412123.
A registration is not required but helps us to prepare 🙂

Let me remind you, that our regular bike tour season – daily without Sunday – will begin on May, 1st

This year there won’t be only the city tours, there will be regular tours by Mountain bike as well.
About them I’ll write separately.

And here some pictures from the tours we already did this year (in 2018):

A bike for €60? Our long-term rental offer in 2018!

For foreigners (and anybody else 🙂 living temporary in Vilnius we have the special offer, which we call “LONG-TERM RENTAL”.

And it works like this:

  • You can buy a used bicycle from us;
  • We guarantee that within 12 month we buy it back for up to half the price (according to the bike’s condition, less if there  ),  so the price will  50%

That’s the best deal for everybody.
You may find somebody who will give you more afterwards, you are responsible for damages and theft by yourself.

We sell safe U-locks for 10€

Bicycles available for the “long-term rental” at the moment

All of them have gears (3, 5, or 21)

more bicycles for sale here:

Used bicycles (and other items) for sale

[3] Antaviliai Lakes [4] Kairėnai Botanical Gardens

[3] Route No. 3


Lakes in the North East

Route description:

[4] To Kairėnai Botanical Gardens and the Lakes on the North East



Old description

NO_Kairėnai_Lake Tapėliai km EN (g. = gatvė = Street)

28.1 km  all together 5 Centre (road on the left bank of Neris river)


Start at the cathedral take the bike path around the National Museum or via Sereikiškių Park cross the bridge over river Vilnelė to the traffic light cross the road at the traffic light and go down to the river, ride always straight to the quarter of Antakalnis

3.5 NO m (1) / Kairėnai


„At the end“ turn right (left hand a sports place) and go up at the Clinics up to the Traffic roundabout of Antakalnis Cross Antakalnis street at the Traffic light turn right (away from the main road) and follow the pedestrian/cyclist path to the buildings of the university (VilniusU and Technical U turn left towards Plytinės str., turn right into the stree Follow the road (on the pavement) to the Botanical Gardens in Kairėnai. Partly there is a bicycle path!

7 NO n (2) / Kairėnai – Lake Tapeliai (Beach!)


turn left on the paved road Pass Baniškės cemetary At Sienai road go straight (asphalt: more traffic but better road surface) OR turn right (Forest path, less traffic but worse road surface). P.S.: It’s possible to go ahead to Šilo lake…

6 NO m (3) / Lake Tapeliai– Nemenčinės plentas – Valakampiai map:

Use the paved road Karaciunų g. In order to return to Nemenčinės plentas Road turn left and follow the bicycle path along Nemenčinės plentas down to the “Plentas Pub”, there cross the road, turn right (away from Nemečinės plentas) Easier way: Get into the Svajonių g. OR: Follow the Ežerėlių g. To it’s end, turn left (Galgalių g.), turn right (Kiškių g.), turn left (Melynių g.) Ride to Neris river, then parallel to the river, follow the road to the second and the first beach 6.6 Centre: Valampiai- bicycle path “EuroVelo” (Right side of Neris river) to Mindaugas bridge


ride up the Lizdeikos street to the bridge (on the right), cross the bridge over Neris river (don’t mix it up with the road bridge…) Ride on the sidewalk of the bridge on it’s right side. At the pedestrian traffic light cross Kareivių street, cycle down to the river, turn right on the bicycle path and follow it to Mindaugas bridge. Cross the bridge and go straight to the Cathedral’s square Alternative: from Valakampiai go straight, pass Antakalnis traffic roundabout, turn right at the gas station, go through the garages (!) until you come back to the sportsground and the bicycle path you came from the centre, and go back like you came in the first part!

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