bicycle routes


Bicycle routes are presented in the publication “Bicycle Routes in the city of Vilnius”. The publication you can download. Publication is prepared by Tourism Division of Vilnius City Municipality.

This publication presents five cycle routes around Vilnius including the Old Town, the centre of Vilnius, along the Neris banks, Valakupiai and the Green Lakes. These routes have been chosen respecting safety requirements and include what everybody desires to see, while cycling around the charming landscape and architecture of the city. So we suggest cycling along the current cycle routes and paths, serene lanes or wood tracks to enjoy the beauty of the picturesque Vilnius neighbourhoods.

Sportive cycle touring

Sportive cycling & touring Merida Crossway New model 2016: Crossway is your choice if you are an experienced cyclist or just an athletic person who likes a challenging ride: A 24-gear Shimano-Deore ATB for road and forest trips.  Its adjustable shock-absorbing suspension means it is perfect for more challenging terrains, but also able to reach optimal speeds when the ride is smoother.  It is the choice most often chosen for off-road routes and longer-distance travel. Configuration: 24/27 gears, mud guards, bottle cage, luggage carrier, lights (battery or…

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Mountainbiking / Cross bikes Bicycle types: Merida BIG NINE, Merida Matts, Panther XR444. Mountain and cross bikes are used for heavy-duty, challenging, off-road treks.  Wider tires, deeper treads, high quality suspension, 26” wheels, and high-riding frame form make it excellent for any type of challenging terrain, giving the rider maximum stability and enduring various conditions and obstacles.  Excellent for the adventurous rider, who is out for a tough ride. New in 2016: Merida BIG.NINE 29″ MTB                

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Routes from Vilnius to Trakai

Leaving Vilnius: 2 ways from the city centre to Lentvaris Now there are two main versions to go from Vilnius to Trakai: There is no doubt about the first part: Start from Cathedral square via Gediminas Prospektas Boulevard and the Žvėrynas (District of Wooden Houses) to Vingis Park When you come to the round about at the Main road Savanorių prospektas it’s time for a decision: ROUTE 1: The “traditional route” leads along Savanorių prospektas, then turn right at Titnagio St. use the very scenic…

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