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Dear BaltiCCyclists!

Vilnius Christmas / Winter market

For 20 years now we are collecting information on cycling in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. And believe me, many things changed. To be more precisely they change in “waves” – some years the Latvians are more active (like recently), some years the Estonians (1999 to 2003 …), so my hopes are now on the Lithuanians.

Anyway, it’s a lot of information and many people complain, that it’s a mess on this web page. And you know: they are right. So here my recent attempts of making some order and and outlook on thing I still plan to do until the spring will get us here at VILNIUS BIKE TOURS and RENTAL – velovilnius.lt   …

Winter season’s greetings  – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

from Vilnius

Frank Kulikauskas (Wurft) and Family

On the picture: Veronika and Jonas playing Santa Claus and delivering presents on Christmas

BaltiCCycle Expeditions in 2019

After the BaltiCCycle-Tour Warsaw-Vilnius in 2004 a Polish-Lithuanian team started to organise tours anywhere in the world

This year:

Patagonia: 02.23 – 04.13


○ Madagascar: from the end of June to the end of July

Newsletter of the BaltiCCycle Expedtions (in English):  http://www.bicycle.pl/en/newsletter-en

Updated information by countries

main long-distance routes, pictures, maps and gps-tracks to use with your own navigation

Lithuania by bicycle

Latvia by bicycle

Estonia by bicycle

Google maps:

easy to handle and with many extra dots.

  • Main cycling routes in the Baltic States (see at the main page balticcycle.eu/routes)
  • Main bicycle routes in Estonia (see on the page about Estonia)
  • Main bicycle routes in Latvia (see on the page about Latvia)
  • Main bicycle routes in Lithuania (see on the page about Lithuania)

Added route descriptions

I uploaded the texts of the “Old” cycle route descriptions – mainly from the years 2001 to 2006. Sights and routes did not change very much, somewhere are new roads, bike pathes, signs and bridges, but to each route I will make a small page with a list of changes and maps. 

  • Nieman cycle trail (Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipeda)
  • Estonian Coastal route No. 1
  • Warsaw-Vilnius
  • Riga-Vilnius by bicycle
  • RIga-Klaipeda by bicycle

Changes in the Webshop

  • Digital guides and maps are now available for download – for  a symbolic fee of 0.5EUR to 1EUR (BaltiCCycle guides)
  • BaltiCCycle guides as  PAPER COPIES are available for 2 and 4EUR (Latvia by bicycle)
  • Paper maps and cycle guides are available for 1-4EUR, Cycle Maps Estonia and Latvia for 8 and 10 EUR

Targets until Spring 2019:

  • BaltiCCycle.eu will be available as >Application for Android and iOS
  • E-Books for the main routes.

If you have ideas and / or contributions feel free to contact me


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facebook: frankasw

tel. / whattsapp / viber: +37069956009