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Vidzeme per Rad [LV2]

[LV2] Vidzeme: The North East / Der Nord-Osten Cycling between Riga and the Estonian border / Radfahren zwischen Riga und der Estnischen Grenze REGION VIDZEME Map on www.openstreetmap.org http://www.openstreetmap.org/?relation=270230Main routes / www.balticcycle.eubetween Riga and the Estonian bordera) to the NorthATTENTION! do NOT use the main motorway along the coast (heavy traffic) but the road via Limbazib) to the North Easth (Valga/Valka) Unfortunately the direct gravel roads between Sigulda and Cesis are UNCYCLEABLE and we propose to ride a small piece along the main motorway   Pictures of…

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