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Vidzeme per Rad [LV2]

[LV2] Vidzeme: The North East / Der Nord-Osten Cycling between Riga and the Estonian border / Radfahren zwischen Riga und der Estnischen Grenze REGION VIDZEME Map on www.openstreetmap.org http://www.openstreetmap.org/?relation=270230Main routes / www.balticcycle.eubetween Riga and the Estonian bordera) to the NorthATTENTION! do NOT use the main motorway along the coast (heavy traffic) but the road via Limbazi b) to the North Easth (Valga/Valka) Unfortunately the direct gravel roads between Sigulda and Cesis are UNCYCLEABLE and we propose to ride a small piece along the main motorway   Pictures…

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