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Meanwhile, there is pretty a lot of sources to get updated on cycling and cycle events in the Baltic States. BaltiCCycle tries to unify them and create a digest in English and German.   If you want to be updated constantly please subscribe to one the following social network sources   A digest of the news appears ca. once a month in the BaltiCCycle newsletter   And still there is always the possibility to ask & contact us directly

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Here I put short information, reports and news on Cycling in the Baltic States in English and German language

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 A digest of the news appears ca. once a month in the BaltiCCycle newsletter  

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Web shop system updated!

Web shop system updated!

On Feb, 6th, between  9 a.m. and 12 noon I was updating the web shop system (and solving the usual involved technical issues). So for this time the web shop was DOWN. But now the system is up-to-date. The new system looks slightly different and much nicer. So give it a try! Greetings Frankas News (Blog)
Contacts & News

Updating the web page

in February, 2017 I dedicate some time for essential updates. Due to different events many links and pictures do not work anymore and as usual I have news 🙂 The biggest changes concern the signage of bicycle routes in Latvia. Despite of that I plan articles on free available gps data for cycle routes and on popular MTB routes.   Greetings from Vilnius, Lithuania Frank Kulikauskas (former Wurft) News (Blog)
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