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Meanwhile, there is pretty a lot of sources to get updated on cycling and cycle events in the Baltic States. BaltiCCycle tries to unify them and create a digest in English and German.   If you want to be updated constantly please subscribe to one the following social network sources   A digest of the news appears ca. once a month in the BaltiCCycle newsletter   And still there is always the possibility to ask & contact us directly

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Here I put short information, reports and news on Cycling in the Baltic States in English and German language

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 A digest of the news appears ca. once a month in the BaltiCCycle newsletter  

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Welcome to 2018! Here’s a small review in pictures from 2017…

Thanks to everyone who was with us in 2017 and enjoyed it as much as we do. Hope to see you again, soon. As usually I’m trying to update the information on cycling in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in winter. As well I know there’s more order necessary in this collection of information which is growing and changing since the start of the project “BaltiCCycle” in the year 2000 (so quite a while) The Velo-City Vilnius team Frankas, Veronika, Little Jonas, Rasak and Saulius P.S.:… First page, News (Blog), Uncategorized

Cycling routes on a google map

Here I tranfered the most important long-distance cycling routes on a Google map: Main Cycling routes in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia on a Google map I am looking forward to completing this, soon. More details and the option to download routes you may find on:!57.1206!24.3922 countries, News (Blog), Routes
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