Winter cyclists’ club opens it’s 4th season on November, 12th

The Vilnius Winter Cycling Club invites you to a bike ride, which will open the the winter cycling season.  The weather is supposed to be a lovely minus fifteen and snowy, so perfect for a bicycle ride, right? After your blood gets flowing, we’re going to meet at the office and discuss our plans for this year’s Winter Cycling Club – lectures, outings, conversations – find out, and help us decide!

Remember: the Winter Cycling Club is for everyone from first time winter-cyclists to seasoned pros.

And here’s the plan:

12.30  Meeting, get to know each other (or remember each other)!

1 p.m. … Let’s go

3 p.m.  We’ll come back and

until 6.00 p.m.  get to know each other better and plan this year’s Winter Cyclist Club meetings


Where do we meet?

Meeting point: Velo-city Vilnius, Pylimo g. 31 (close to the  Synagogue),

Scheduled route:

Burbiškės (Former Red Army Military base) or Pučkoriai (classic nature route)


“Ledinių ratų klubo” – Winter cyclists’ club web page –

facebook’e per (Velo-city Vilnius)

Tel. +370 674 12123


This event on facebook:


Come and join!



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Hours & Contacts

  • Hours & Info

    from Oct. to April: by agreement
    from April to Oct: 10-20.00 (10am to 8pm)
    nuo Spalio iki Balandžio mėn: pagal susitarimą
    nuo Balandžio iki Spalio: 10 iki 20 val.

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