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MTB Touren (NEU!)


Wow! Das ist was ich immer wieder höre, wenn’s um die Natur in und um Vilnius geht: Grüne Hügel mit Atem beraubenden Ausblicken. Und das, obwohl es in Litauen doch gar keine Berge gibt….

Dauer:   2-4 Std.

Preis pro Person: 20 € (mind. 2 Teilnehmer)
(Fahrrad, Guide und Helm inklusive)

Ja, ich will eine MTB Tour!

Da die Toursprache sowieso Englisch ist, hier die Beschreibung der verschiedenen Touren der Einfachheit halber auch auf Englisch:


Discover the beautiful green and hilly surrounding of Vilnius on a Mountain bike. There are three different routes for you to choose:

Duration:   2-4 hrs.

Price per person: 20 €
(bicycle, guide, helmet included)

Route #1 Belmontas

Belmontas – it‘s a beautiful nature wonder in Pavilnių Regional Park on the outskirts of Vilnius. in the southern parts of the park you will see a flowing river Vilnia. There you can also find Belmont pond and Pūčkoriai exposure. This escarpment opens 20 thousand year-old ground layers and is considered one of the most important geological monument of Lithuania. The impressive landscape attracts hundreds of tourists to the park, so why not to use opportunity and visit everything with the bike?

Route #2 Karoliniškės

During the tour you will visit the largest Lithuania Vingio park. The main park square and amphitheater in it fascinates in its size, and surrounding forests helps you to feel peace of mind. Also you will visit fabulous Karoliniškės park, where you will find many sculptures, symbolizing the various tales and mythological characters of Lithuania. The tour will excite the imagination and it will help you to experience the calmness of the nature – a great opportunity to relax from the daily routine.

Route # 3: Green lakes

In the outskirts of Vilnius there are six lakes, which you will visit during the tour. Lakes stand out from the others because of their bright green color, which is due to the high content of carbonates in groundwater. During the tour you’ll not only be astonished by these extraordinary natural wonders, but you will also test yourself by driving along winding forest paths.

Yes, sign me up for a MTB tour!

  • MTB tour are organised together with our partner „Velotakas“

Stadt-Touren per Rad >> MEHR

Unsere Stadttouren per Fahrrad starten täglich außer Sonntags um 11 Uhr am Büro von Velo-City Vilnius, Pylimo g. 31. Toursprache ist Englisch, Deutsch auf Anfrage Hier klicken und mehr erfahren   /vilniusbiketours Information on Cycling in Vilnius and Lithuania – in ENGLISH Velo City Tours Subscribe to Information on Cycling in Vilnius and Lithuania by Email STADTTOUR PER RAD – täglich MITMACHEN! ER-FAHREN!  Stadtradtour „Vilniusser Kontraste“ (3-4 Std.) …  Start: täglich,11.00 Uhr Anmeldung: Tel./SMS +370 674 12123, E-Mail  info@velovilnius.lt  – Toursprache: Englisch. (Andere Sprachen auf Anfrage)…

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