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[LV1] Kurzeme: The West / der Westen



Sure, this route gives you one of the best impressions of the diversity of the Baltic States

on the one hand there are different landscapes: Not only the Baltic sea shore but also lakes and rivers in the backyard. Not only the big cities of Riga and Liepaja but also small towns like Kuldiga which give you an impression on how life looked in the Duchy of Couronia.

for a good leisure travel the route between Klaipeda and Riga takes about one week. The tourism infrastructure is quite well developed – but only at some sea side spas you might feel annoyed…

Which roads  not to take!

1. First of all it is getting more and more popular to take the road up to the "Latvian North Cape" at  Kolka.

Here are the reasons against it:

*  specially the last km of the road from Ventspils to Kolka are one of the worst gravel roads about which each cyclist until now did swallow;

* The landscape does not vary, is boring: to the left and to the right of the road is forest, the Baltic Sea is to the left – but you usually don't see it – the small town are to the right, but not at the road, so you should turn away. …

2. Generally there are still to many gravel roads Latvia (marked in yellow on local maps), specially in the South West.
It's pitty, because the landscape is quite pretty, but on these roads it's really no fun…


R?ga – J?rmala – ?emeri

  • Riga: an 800 years old city, the largest in Baltics. It has formed under the influence of various cultures, which is also seen when walking in the city. Opportunitues are enormous here

  • J?rmala: another sea resort. It is possible to take a walk along the promenade Jomas Street, where cosy cafes are situated

  • ?emeri: enjoy the nature reserve in ?emeri wetlands, to the South from the A10 road

?emeri – Tukums – Kandava

  • The Šlokenbeka Manor before Tukums is a unique example of transfer from medieval to renaissance architecture. Currently it hosts the Road Museum

  • Jaunmoku palace is the hunting residence with a spectacular park that used to belong to the mayor of Riga in the beginning of the 20th century. The palace is situated 7 kilometres behind Tukums along A10

  • In Kaive you can see the largest tree in the Baltics: the Great Ancestral Oak. Its girth exceeds 10 metres. Turn North from A10 towards Kaive to find it

Kandava – Sabile – Kuld?ga

  • Enjoy the Abava Valley Nature Park as you proceed from Kandava till Renda

  • Pedv?le is an exciting open-air art museum South from Sabile, the employed theme in Pedv?le in 2002 is WATER

  • Close to Pedv?le You can find the ‘Rode?u trase’, where you can slide down from a steep hill in a small sledge. Unfortunately, the attraction is not available in rainy weather

  • The most Northern wine yard in the World grows in the centre of Sabile, find it not only in the Guinness Book of Records but also in reality

  • Sabile church has the oldest bell in whole Latvia

  • Visit the artificial Riežupe Sand caves 5 km North from Kuld?ga

Kuld?ga – J?rkalne – P?vilosta

  • Kuld?ga is one of the best-preserved towns in Latvia. Enjoy the ancient houses with tegular roofs. Certainly step on the Old bridge and take a look at Ventas rumba, the widest waterfalls in Europe

  • Enjoy the medieval castles in ?dole, ?vande and Alsunga as You proceed. Meeting the proud and self confident local people in Alsunga can bring You into entertaining situations

  • It is possible to visit an ancient watermill in ?vande

  • Approach the seacoast in J?rkalne to see the steep shore that reaches up to 16 metres height

  • Perhaps you find time to sail in the sea with local fishermen in P?vilosta… However, beware, it is an extreme experience

  • A few days before BaltiCCycle arrival in P?vilosta the sand sculpture festival will have taken place. Perhaps some pieces of art will still be seen on the beach

P?vilosta – Liep?ja – N?ca

  • The whole route from J?rkalne to Liep?ja has been named ‘the Amber Trail’ since amber can be found on the beach there after storms.

  • On the way to Liep?ja You can make a small circle towards the Kaps?de to see the Kaps?de Great Stone, which is the highest one in Latvia

  • Liep?ja is the city where wind and music is born. In Soviet times this town used to be the restricted area for foreigners. Currently it hosts various music festivals

  • The northern part of Liep?ja, Karosta, is of special interest. It has been the war port since Russian tsarist times already. Lately homeless and dangerous people were accommodated in that part of Liep?ja thus turning it into an unattractive place to visit. Due to recent cultural activities Karosta revives. People find it harsh but exotic to see a splendid orthodox cathedral among semi-demolished block houses. Another object worth seeing is the ruins of an enormous hippodrome that used to be covered with glass roof during the tsarist times. Anyhow, it is not recommended to leave bikes out of sight or to travel alone in Karosta

N?ca – Rucava – Pape

  • Perhaps You will have time to visit the Pape Lake surroundings, where wild horses and wild cows are reintroduced in their natural habitat

Pape – Nida – Lithuanian border

  • The Pape Lake is a famous bird watching spot, a tower for observations is located at the southern end of the lake

  • Pape lighthouse may also seem interesting for the visitor






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