Allgemeiner Überblick der Fernrouten in den Baltischen Staaten (Liste)


Cycle Routes in the Baltic States Fahrradrouten in den Baltischen Staaten
Estonia * Estland * Eesti (EE)
Route Description/Beschreibung Km Code
Estonian National Cycle Route No.1 A) Narva (Ivangorod, RUS)-Tallinn 311 Ee1a
. B) Tallinn-Ikla? (Ainaži, LV) 670 Ee1b
Estonian National Cycle Route No.3 Valga (Valka, LV) – Narva 402 Ee3
Estonian National Cycle Route No.4 Valga-Tallinn? 603 Ee4
Latvia * Lettland * Latvija (LV)
Route Description/Beschreibung Km Code
in the Book "Latvia by bicycle"
West of RigaRiga-LT border/Grenze (Klaipeda) plus extra routes 430 Lv1
. Westküste/Western Coast Kolka-Ventspils? 140
. Ventspils-Liepaja? 80
. Ostküste/"Eastern Coast" Kurland Riga-Jurmala? 30
. Jurmala-Kolka? 99
North East of Riga Riga-EE border/Grenze
Riga-Ainaži?(Ikla, EE) A – coast, B- via Limbaži 75 -100 Lv2
Riga-Valka?(Valga, EE) C – via Gauja National park ~ 200 Lv2c
in the Book BaltiCCycle "Riga-Vilnius?by bicycle" SouthEast of Riga(Riga – border LT) Lv3
Lv3 Route 1 (North) via Rezekne or Preili 416 – 440
Lv3 Route 2 (South) via Aizkraukle 250
Lithuania * Litauen * Lietuva (LT)
Route Description/Beschreibung Km Code
BaltiCCycle Riga-Vilnius? by bicycle
Riga-Vilnius?Lt Route via Aukštaitija National Park 270 Lv3
BaltiCCycle Warszawa-Vilnius?
. Warszawa (PL)-LT (Lazdijai) 450 Lt1
. Lazdijai-Vilnius? 270  
Nemunas-/Memelradweg (The Nieman Cycle Trail) . 260 – 300 Lt2
BaltiCCycle Vilnius-Kaunas? 3 variations 147 -194 Lt3
Suwalkija Cycle Circuit
. Suvalkija, LT 355 Lt4
. Suwalkyszna, PL 275
Western Lithuanian Cycle Circuit (2006) . 220 Lt5
. border LV -Klaipeda ca. 50
. Klaipeda-Nida? ca. 50
EuroVelo? is a project of the European Cyclists' Federation, made up of 12 routes, totalling over 66,000 km, of which about 45,000 km are already in place.

The Baltic States cross two routes:

No. 10 – the Baltic Sea Circuit ("Hansering"):

in Lithuania

it is identical with the Sea coast cycle trail (LT5);

Descpription and maps in the shop

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in Estonia

it is signed as the National Route No. 1;

This route on the openstreetmap

for Latvia

you can find the cycling description on "Latvia by Bicycle"

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Klaipeda-Riga? (LV1):
Riga-Estonia? (LV2):

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Book "Latvia by bicycle":

Regional Information
Lithuania, coast (LT5):

Latvia: Klaipeda-Riga:
Latvia: Riga-Estonia:

Estonia: Coastal Route:

Kaliningrad & Poland:

whole EuroVelo? No. 10 on OpenStreetmap?


No. 11 – Athens – North Cape:


only marked on Estonia's National Route No. 3

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EE34 Eastern Estonian Cycle routes:

in Latvia and Lithuania

If you want to discover it in Latvia and Lithuania,
you can read the route descriptions "Riga-Vilnius by bicycle" (LT3/LV3) and Warsaw-Vilnius? (LT1)
The route is only partly makred and build in the city of Vilnius

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Warsaw-Vilnius? (LT1):
Vilnius-Riga? (LT3: , LV3: )

Riga-Estonia? (LV2):

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route description "Riga-Vilnius by bicycle" (LT3/LV3, €5):
route description Warsaw-Vilnius? (LT1, €3):

LT1 Polish border to Vilnius:

LT3 Vilnius – border Latvia:
LV3 border of Latvia -Riga:

LV2 Riga-Estonia:

EE3 East Estonia:

whole EuroVelo? No. 11 on OpenStreetmap?

A study on the (possible) EuroVelo-Routes in Latvia you may find here
(but many of the routes in the study are not cyclable at present):